November 13, 2019

The Refugee-Canyon Joint Fire District, recently formed by Union Township and the Village of Hebron, is seeking candidates interested in serving as the fifth (resident) member of the District Board of Trustees and/or as a successor Trustee beginning in 2020.

The five member Board of Trustees is comprised of one Village of Hebron Council member; one Trustee of Union Township; one Village of Hebron resident or elected Village official; one Union Township resident or elected Township Trustee; and one resident of Union Township or the Village of Hebron who is not an elected official of those political subdivisions. The first four Board members appoint the fifth member. Union Township Trustees appoint the two Township members and Village of Hebron Council members appoint the two Village members. All five original appointments run from November 1, 2019, thru December 31, 2019.

In the District’s first full year (2020):

  • The Township Trustee representative shall serve a one-year term thru December 31, 2020;
  • The Village Council representative shall serve a two-year term thru December 31, 2021;
  • The Township resident or second Trustee representative shall serve a two-year term thru December 31, 2021;
  • The Village resident or second Village Council representative shall serve a one-year term thru December 31, 2020; and
  • The resident member (not an elected official of the Township or Village) shall serve a two-year term thru December 31, 2021.

All candidates must be a resident of Union Township (Village of Hebron included); must not be associated with the District as an active firefighter, first responder, EMT or paramedic; employed by the Township or Village; or employed by a private fire company that contracts for services with the District or any of the political subdivisions comprising the District.

Candidates are expected to support the District’s Preamble, including “…the creation of joint fire districts in Ohio have historically resulted in more efficient services, the elimination of duplicative services, more uniform and/or improved services throughout the district, a reduction of property insurance costs for landowners, the reduction in operating and/or capital costs and expenses, and improved employee recruitment and retention…”

Due to anticipated workload, the District Board of Trustees expects to hold at least two Board meetings each in November and December 2019. The two meetings per month schedule may continue thru January, February, March and April in 2020. Once start-up is achieved, the District Board of Trustees anticipates one Board meeting per month. Compensation will be set at the maximum permitted by state law, which is currently $30 per meeting for a maximum of 15 meetings per year.  The District must comply with Ohio’s Open Meeting Act (Sunshine Law) and Public Records Act.

Interested candidates should send/drop-off a letter of interest and current resume to Refugee-Canyon Joint Fire District, c/o Hebron Fire Department, 111 Basin St., Hebron, OH 43025; or email the same to Letters of interest and resumes must be received no later than close of business on Friday, November 22, 2019.