IN THE MATTER OF certifying funds

WHEREAS: Miscellaneous vendors provided services and/or goods to the fire district prior to the date of an open purchase order; and

WHEREAS: Purchase orders have been established and are available with sufficient funds to allow payment of said invoices;


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Refugee-Canyon Joint Fire District Board of Trustees:

That we do hereby authorize the Fiscal Officer to certify that funds were available then, and funds are available now for the fire district to fulfill the obligations as follows:

VENDOR Finley Fire Treasurer, State of Ohio (Auditor) Breathing Air Systems


Lexipol LLC Paumier Medical Management Group, Inc.
AMOUNT $110.91 $1,524.00 $734.14 $4,304.00 $3,789.77
INVOICE DATE 6/11/2020 8/31/2020 9/8/2020 9/1/2020 9/8/2020
PURCHASE ORDER 56-20B 58-20B 59-20B 60-20B 61-20B


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