IN THE MATTER OF transferring intra-fund appropriations

WHEREAS: The amount of anticipated expenditures exceeds the amount originally budgeted in the following accounts: Ohio Public Employees Retirement System, Other-Professional and Technical Services, and Machinery, Equipment and Furniture; and

WHEREAS: A surplus exists in the following accounts: Other-Salaries, Insurance Benefits, and Other Expenses;


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Refugee-Canyon Joint Fire District Board of Trustees:

That we do hereby authorize the transfer of appropriations within the Fire/EMS levy Fund (2111) as follows:

Account Budget Transfer Modified Budget
2111-220-190-0000 OTHER-SALARIES 1,394,600.00 -37,000.00 1,357,600.00
2111-220-220-0000 INSURANCE BENEFITS 261,967.00 -18,300.00 243,667.00
2111-220-590-0000 OTHER EXPENSES 17,500.00 -4,000.00 13,500.00
2111-220-211-0000 OHIO PUBLIC EMPLOYEES RETIREMENT SYSTEM 6,200.00 300.00 6,500.00
2111-220-319-0000 OTHER-PROFESSIONAL AND TECHNICAL SERVICES 54,000.00 27,000.00 81,000.00
2111-760-740-0000 MACHINERY, EQUIPMENT AND FURNITURE 15,000.00 32,000.00 47,000.00
TOTAL   0.00  

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