IN THE MATTER OF compensation for employees

WHEREAS: Each year the Board of Trustees reviews the Pay Schedule for part-time, full-time, salary, and hourly employees; and

WHEREAS: The adopted interim budget and estimated revenues for the current year are sufficient to meet these obligations; and

WHEREAS: The Board of Trustees wishes to increase the Pay Schedule to establish more competitive wages considering the wages of other local fire departments;


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Refugee-Canyon Joint Fire District Board of Trustees:

That, effective January 23, 2021, we do hereby establish the adjusted Pay Schedule as follows, it shall be applicable to all current employees, and the Fiscal Officer is authorized to adjust the Payroll Policy accordingly:

Position Title Salary/Hourly Rate
Chief Salary  $80,006.00
Captain Salary  $64,309.00
Lieutenant Salary  $63,048.00
FT FF (Step 4) Salary  $58,923.00
FT FF (Step 3) Salary  $54,058.00
FT FF (Step 2) Salary  $49,144.00
FT FF (Step 1) Salary $44,676.00
PT FF Hourly  $16.00
Fiscal Officer Hourly  $21.00


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