Whereas,          The Licking County Budget Commission has certified the 2020 Estimated Resources for the fiscal year beginning January 1, 2020; and

Whereas,          Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 5705.38(A), Refugee-Canyon Fire District may pass a temporary appropriation measure, until an amended certificate is received based on the actual balances, for meeting the ordinary expenses and the appropriations made in the temporary measure shall be chargeable to the appropriations in the annual appropriation measure for that fiscal year when passed; and

Whereas,          Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code 5705.39; Refugee-Canyon Fire District is required to submit this appropriation measure to the County Auditor; and

Whereas,          This appropriation measure does not take effect until the County Auditor certifies that the total appropriations do not exceed such official estimate or amended official estimate;

Therefore Be It Resolved, the Refugee-Canyon Joint Fire District Board of Trustees’ hereby adopt the annual interim budget attached hereto as “2020 Fire/EMS Fund Balance Summary”.


View 2020 Fire/EMS Fund Balance Summary