The Refugee-Canyon Fire District Board of Trustees will meet at 7 PM on Thursday, January 09, 2020, in Council Chambers at the Hebron Municipal Complex, 934 West Main Street, Hebron, OH.


  1. Call to order/ Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Roll Call
  3. Review and approve minutes from December 19, 2019 meeting
  4. Presentation from Wichert Insurance Agency on property/casualty insurance proposal
  5. Organizational Items:
    1. Appointment of Clerk/Fiscal Officer
      1. Approval of compensation/pay ($ per hour, up to 25 hours per week)
    2. Appointment of Legal Counsel
      1. Approval of compensation/pay ($ /hour)
    3. Appointment of Fire Chief
      1. Approval of compensation/pay ($ )
    4. Approval of mileage rate (57.5 cents per mile)
  6. Clerk/ Fiscal Officer’s Report
    1. Bank Account
      1. Designation of official bank
      2. Bills to Township/Village
        1. $50,000 to village pending approval
    2. Approval to begin paying outstanding bills
    3. Authorization for payment to fiscal officer
      1. Reimbursement for BCI/FBI background check $60.00
      2. Compensation for personal services ( hours)
  7. Adopt Lexipol Policies and Procedures (refer to list)
  8. Chief’s Report
    1. Equipment
      1. New engine
    2. Buildings
      1. 6265 Lancaster Rd. station
    3. EMS billing
  9. Old Business:
    1. Update on district’s website, social media, and email addresses
    2. Update on health insurance/casualty insurance options and costs and possible award decisions
      1. Waiting for a quote from Rinehart Walters Danner Insurance Agency
    3. Update, if any, on district’s financial institution, applications and intergovernmental relationships
      1. UAN agreement is pending registration with the Auditor of State, which is expected to be end of this week
    4. Update on operational transition
    5. Emergency services dispatching – meeting with Licking County Commissioners Jan 14, 1:00 PM
    6. Volunteer Firefighter Dependent Fund Board Appointments
      1. Waiting on response from State Department of Commerce
  1. New Business:
    1. Possible action on firefighter applications
    2. Discussion on 2020 meeting schedule
  1. Discuss any notices or correspondence to the District
  2. Public comment
  3. Confirm the next meeting date, time, and location
  4. Adjourn


*Download the meeting agenda PDF