September 5, 2019

Hebron Fire Department recently purchased a new MS 462 rescue saw from Buckeye Valley Equipment of Hebron.  With that purchase, Buckeye Valley donated a new Stihl 9” battery operated forcible entry saw.

Previously, our department used a typical chainsaw that is used for cutting firewood for roof or wall ventilation duties. The previous saw was 15-20 years old. The new rescue saw is designed with several safeguards to ensure the firefighter is better protected when penetrating a roof or wall.  It has a rescue chain blade, a muffler guard, an oversize starter rope handle (because typically the firefighter will be wearing gloves). It can also be preset to ensure  cuts are not made too deep, which helps prevent kick-back. All of these features help ensure firefighter safety while they work to ventilate or extricate a person from an incident.

The new battery powered Stihl saw is much lighter and much more efficient than the one our department was previously using.

We will maintain using our old saw, but it will be primarily used to remove trees from roadways and rooftops– a more appropriate use for the older saw.

Pictured are Mike Brenneman, owner of Buckeye Valley, Travis Colley, Zach Petty, Eric Stevens, Chris Shoup and Brandon Thompson of Hebron FD and Trey Brenneman of Buckeye Valley Equipment.