Present Members:

Mr. Randy Weekly, Vice Chairperson
Mr. Richard Moore, Member
Mr. Jeff Sharps, Member
Mr. Randy Wolf, Member

Excused Members:

Dr. Tony Forshey, Chairperson

Present Staff:

Ms. Amanda N. Perkowski, Fiscal Officer
Mr. Clifford L. Mason, Fire Chief

Present from the Public: The meeting was made public via live stream on RCFD’s YouTube channel. There were four (4) views. There were no attendees in-person.

Location: Refugee-Canyon Fire District, 111 Basin Street, Hebron, OH


Meeting was called to order at 2:00 PM by Vice Chairperson Weekly who led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Public Comment:

Comments from live-stream listeners were directed to be sent by email to

None were received.

Executive Session:

At 2:01 PM, Mr. Weekly moved to enter into executive session pursuant to O.R.C. 121.22(G)(1) to consider the dismissal, discipline, and/or the investigation of charges against a public employee.  Mr. Wolf seconded the motion. Motion passed 4-0.

At 2:57 PM, Mr. Sharps moved to return from executive session, and Mr. Wolf seconded the motion. Motion passed 4-0.

Chief Mason withdrew the charges against Captain Ryan Wyse and requested that he return to work effective 8:00 AM Monday, August 16, 2021. Mr. Wolf moved to accept Chief Mason’s request to withdraw the charges and return Captain Wyse to duty. Mr. Sharps seconded the motion. Motion passed 3-1 [Mr. Sharps – Yes; Mr. Weekly – Yes; Mr. Moore – No; Mr. Wolf – Yes].


Mr. Wolf moved to adjourn the meeting at 3:01 PM, and Mr. weekly seconded the motion. Motion passed 4-0.

*Download the PDF of these meeting minutes