Present Members:

Dr. Tony Forshey, Chairperson
Mr. Charles Prince, Vice Chairperson
Mr. Richard Moore, Member
Mr. Randy Weekly, Member

Present Staff:

Mr. Clifford Mason, Fire Chief
Ms. Amanda Perkowski, Fiscal Officer

Excused Member:
Mr. Randy Wolf, Member

Present from the Public:

Present from the Public:  The meeting was made public via live stream on RCFD’s Facebook page. There were seventy (70) live viewers.

Location: Refugee-Canyon Fire District, 111 Basin Street, Hebron, OH

Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Chairperson Forshey who led the Pledge of Allegiance.


Public Comment:

Comments from live-stream listeners were directed to be sent by email to Comments received from Patty Costello and responses by the Fiscal Officer and Fire Chief are attached hereto; no additions were received by the board members.

Mr. Prince made a motion to appoint Emily Appelt (FF-EMT) to a part-time position effective 27 June 2020, contingent upon results of FBI/BCI background check and CVSA. Mr. Weekly seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-0.  Dr. Forshey swore-in and welcomed Emily Appelt and Taylor Smith (appointed during previous meeting).

The minutes from the previous regular meeting held 11 June 2020 were reviewed. Mr. Moore moved to approve the minutes as submitted, and Mr. Prince seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-0.

Clerk/Fiscal Officer’s Report:

Uniform Accounting Network (UAN) is offering virtual training sessions throughout the summer. Registration for training is contingent upon submitting conversion data. The UAN representative approved the data that was submitted but suggested to wait until the end of June and update the data to include June transactions and re-submit for training in July, yet to be scheduled.

At the last meeting, the board approved a resolution to receive CARES Act funding; however, Ms. Perkowski received a response from Licking County stating that the fire district is not eligible to receive direct funding and that the fire district should request the Village of Hebron and Union Township to pass similar resolutions to receive and pass the funding to the fire district. Mr. Prince indicated that the legal counsel for Union Township did not approve the Township Association draft resolution and that the pass-through language needs to be included but may not be possible.  Mr. Moore stated the Village of Hebron intends to receive the funding and pass a portion to the schools.  Mr. Prince hopes to have a resolution, which will name the fire district as a recipient, for Union Township to approve at their next meeting.

Chief’s Report:

Chief Mason reported he has received six written quotes for garage doors for the new apparatus bay at Station 352.  He recommended that the board approve the purchase of four garage doors from Thornville Overhead Doors (lowest bidder) at the cost of $11,540. The highest bid was $17,664. Mr. Moore moved to enter into an agreement with Thornville Overhead Doors, and Chairperson Forshey seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-0.

Chief Mason also reported that the Licking County Park District Director requested to meet at the Infirmary Mound Park to share that their five-acre pond, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, allows canoes and kayaks. He wanted to be certain that the RCFD staff was aware. Several staff did meet with the Director and received laminated maps of the area. The Director later sent Chief Mason an email stating the staff was exemplary.

Rather than sending out information each month, the Licking County Regional Communications Center is now requiring entities to submit public records requests to receive information on runs/dispatches.

Old Business:

Update on Station 352: Mr. Prince reported that Union Township has opened bidding for the concrete work; bids are due Monday, July 6.

New Business:


Members’ Minute:

Mr. Prince stated Menard’s is advertising an 11% discount on paint and said that he would price paint for Station 352.

Mr. Moore shared that the Village of Hebron has hired a new part-time Administrator.


The next meeting will be July 9, 2020 at 7:00 PM at the RCFD station.

Mr. Moore moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:20 PM, and Mr. Prince seconded the motion. Motion carried 4-0.



*Download the PDF of these meeting minutes