Present Members:

Dr. Tony Forshey, Chairperson
Mr. Charles Prince, Vice Chairperson
Mr. Richard Moore, Member
Mr. Randy Weekly, Member
Mr. Randy Wolf, Member

Present Staff:

Mr. Clifford Mason, Fire Chief
Ms. Amanda Perkowski, Fiscal Officer


Present from the Public: The meeting was made public via live stream on RCFD’s Facebook page. There were fifty-two (52) live viewers.

Location: Refugee-Canyon Fire District, 111 Basin Street, Hebron, OH


Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Chairperson Forshey who led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Dr. Forshey asked to add the appointment of Taylor Smith to the agenda.

Public Comment:

Comments from live-stream listeners were directed to be sent by email to; none were received.

Mr. Weekly made a motion to appoint Landon Duhamel (FF-EMT) and Taylor Smith (FF-EMT-P) to part-time positions effective 13 June 2020. Mr. Prince seconded the motion. All members present voted in favor. Dr. Forshey swore-in and welcomed Landon Duhamel. Taylor Smith will be sworn-in at a later date.

The minutes from the previous regular meeting held 28 May 2020 were reviewed. Mr. Moore moved to approve the minutes as submitted, and Mr. Wolf seconded the motion. Motion carried 5-0.

Clerk/Fiscal Officer’s Report:

Ms. Perkowski provided month-end reconciliations for April and May 2020. Mr. Weekly moved to accept the reports as submitted. Mr. Wolf seconded the motion. Motion carried 5-0.

Uniform Accounting Network (UAN) is offering virtual training sessions throughout the summer. Registration for training is contingent upon submitting conversion data; furthermore, the conversion data is dependent upon resolving the outstanding reconciliation items.  Ms. Perkowski intends to have all paperwork completed and approved registration for training in July.

Chief’s Report:

Chief Mason reported interviews are on-going for part-time positions in an effort to ensure there are always eight firefighters on duty every day. The latest interviewees have pledged to work specific rotations, rather than “float”.

Lt. Woods has returned to work to light-duty assignment.

Chief Mason introduced to the board the idea of having the district’s EMS billing vendor also do auto billing (a.k.a. rescue billing). Chief Mason is collecting information and intends to submit a resolution to the board in the near future.

The district has recently purchased a large set of tools for Engine 352 to ensure that all engines in service have proper equipment, rather than switching tools from engine to engine.

Chief Mason has received five quotes for overhead garage doors for the apparatus bay at Station 352. He is waiting for one more bid and intends to ask the board to take action at the next meeting.

Fire Catt is coming next week to test all the fire hose.

Runs in May totaled 130 which is up compared to April, but down for the year. Run total year-to-date is 527. Last year at this time, there were 629. Year-to-date, Station 351 has taken 471 runs and Station 352 has taken 56.

Mr. Prince congratulated Chief Mason for his reappointment by Governor DeWine to another term on the State Emergency Response Commission. Term is effective 6/8/2020-1/13/2022.

Old Business:

Update on Station 352: The Union Township road crew was at Station 352 on Tuesday to put stone in the parking area to remediate a mud hole. Two days ago, Union Township Trustees received the details for the foundation plan and intend to open a bid.  The air conditioning seems to be fixed and working properly.  Mr. Weekly mentioned wanting to get a group of volunteers to paint Station 352 after paint is acquired. Chief Mason priced 5-gallon buckets of paint and has also gotten quotes to hire the labor. Mr. Prince stated money can be saved by using volunteer labor and said he would see what he could do about getting the paint.

New Business:

CARES Act funds are available to units of local government to cover eligible costs related the COVID-19 pandemic. Mr. Prince moved to approve Resolution #06-2020 in the matter of receiving federal funds under the CARES Act. Mr. Moore seconded the motion. All present members voted in favor.

Members’ Minute:

Mr. Prince mentioned that he, with permission from the board, sent an email to Granville Township Trustee, Bryn Bird, offering automatic response from Station 352 to Granville Township’s primary response areas south of SR 16 due to the anticipated 37/161 bridge closure. Granville Township declined the offer.

Chief Mason shared he received a call and was asked to participate in a parade to welcome home a resident who served in NYC during the pandemic. Two medics and an engine were taken, and they were well received. They had a good time welcoming her home and visiting with residents.


The next meeting will be June 25, 2020 at 7:00 PM at the RCFD station.


Mr. Moore moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:35 PM, and Mr. Wolf seconded the motion. Motion carried 5-0.



*Download the PDF of these meeting minutes