Present Members:

Dr. Tony Forshey, Chairperson
Mr. Charles Prince, Vice Chairperson
Mr. Richard Moore, Member
Mr. Randy Weekly, Member
Mr. Randy Wolf, Member

Present Staff:

Mr. Clifford Mason, Fire Chief (arrived late)
Ms. Amanda Perkowski, Fiscal Officer

Present from the Public: Refer to sign-in sheet

Location: Refugee-Canyon Fire District, 111 Basin Street, Hebron, OH


Meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM by Chairperson Forshey who led the Pledge of Allegiance.

The minutes from the previous meeting held January 23, 2020 were reviewed. Mr. Weekly moved to approve the minutes as submitted, and Mr. Prince seconded the motion. The motion carried 5-0.

Mr. Moore moved to approve Resolution #02-2020 for the 2020 Interim Budget. Mr. Prince seconded the motion. All present members voted in favor.


Clerk/Fiscal Officer’s Report:

Ms. Perkowski has been in communication with the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation representative under the Village of Hebron’s policy. Per his guidance, information will be collected from Hebron for employees being transferred effective February 22, 2020. Once the application is submitted, the fire district will receive a temporary policy number until the application is fully processed.

Old Business:

The update on Station 2 at 6265 Lancaster Rd was given by Mr. Prince and Mr. Weekly. The drywall is being finished and interior doors are being installed. Plumbing supplies are expected to arrive by next week. A storm window was ordered. Issues with architect are still being discussed.

On behalf of Chief Mason, Ms. Perkowski stated the fire district has complied with the letter from the Licking County Prosecutor regarding the run cards.

A summary of the health insurance quotes that were received was reviewed. Discussion was postponed until Chief Mason returned from an emergency transport.

In response to Granville Township’s Notice of Cancellation letter to Union Township Trustees dated November 6, 2019, the fire district has drafted a letter to request an extension of the current agreement for fire/EMS services. The extension preserves the compensation and all services of the agreement, including automatic and mutual aid to Union Township. Mr. Prince moved to send the letter to Granville Township, and Mr. Weekly seconded. Motion carried 5-0.

New Business:

There was discussion on a new agreement with Granville Township Fire Department for
fire/EMS services. The draft agreement establishes a compensation rate of $328 per day effective March 8, 2020 until Station 2 is operational but not to exceed 90 days and enables further negotiations to discuss a longer-term agreement. Mr. Weekly moved to forward the agreement to Board of Trustees of Granville Township. Mr. Wolf seconded the motion. Motion carried 5-0.

Employees are expected to be transferred from the Village of Hebron to the fire district effective February 22, 2020.

Public Comments:

Ms. Leslee Herra, of Union Twp., asked the board what the fire district will do after March 8. Chairperson Forshey stated it is the board’s intent to negotiate a long-term plan prior to March 8. Ms. Herra continued by asking the board that if $821 per day is too much to pay Granville Township, is 4.8 mills too much for residents of Union Township to pay. Mr. Prince responded stating the revenue generated by that northern section of Union Township supports the operations of the entire fire district; he further explained that the Village of Hebron pays a higher millage and doesn’t retain those funds for services just to their area.

Mr. Tony Campolo, of Granville, stated Union Township entered into the previous agreement for $821 per day, but now the new entity (Refugee-Canyon Fire District) wants to cut that rate.

Mr. Jeremy Dorn (Stone Valley Dr., Union Twp.) asked the board how long the fire district can operate at a rate of $821 per day. Dr. Forshey responded that the fire district is proposing a reduced rate of $328 per day. Mr. Dorn said that offer will be denied by Granville Township.

Ms. Patty Costello {3982 Canyon Rd.) provided a document derived from the approved fund balance summary and explained how she calculated a shortfall of about $575,000 for 2021 and asked how it will be funded. Ms. Perkowski stated that a 2020 budget has been prepared with a positive cash balance and that no long-term projections have been made. Ms. Costello also requested if the board would ask the legal counsel whether the fiscal officer’s fiduciary duty is to the fire district or to the taxpayers funding the fire district. At the direction of the board, Ms. Perkowski will submit that question to legal counsel. Ms. Costello’s final comment was Chief Curtis said they won’t accept, and “legally cannot accept”, anything less than millage (4.8).

Chairperson Forshey requested a recess at 8:30 PM to wait on Chief Mason to return from an emergency run. The meeting was reconvened at 8:39 PM.

Mr. Prince moved to accept the Med Mutual PPO HAS health insurance plan with the exception that if a problem arises, the topic is revisited to approve an alternative plan. Mr. Weekly seconded the motion. The motion carried 5-0.

Chief’s Report:

2019 Activity Report- last year the Hebron Fire Department responded to 1,479 calls, 328 fire runs, and 1,147 EMS. For January 2020, the fire district responded to 103 total calls: 67 EMS, 10 fire runs, and 26 mutual aid calls in the township. Full report is available.

Members’ Minute: No comments

The next meeting will be February 20, 2020 at 7:00 PM at the RCFD station.

Mr. Weekly moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:51 PM, and Mr. Prince seconded the motion. All present members voted in favor of the motion.


*Download the PDF of these meeting minutes