To answer this question, one must understand how Licking County’s computer aided dispatching (CAD) system works.  It is understood that no fire department can protect their jurisdiction without the help of their neighbors.  Therefore, excluding larger municipal departments, it is rare to find a department that does not request assistance through automatic aid.

Within the CAD system lies information detailing how each type of incident should be dispatched in their respective districts.  This information outlines the number and type of trucks to be sent, as well as the order in which they should be requested.  In the event that a truck is not available, the CAD automatically skips over the unit and moves to the next.

Refugee-Canyon’s philosophy is simple:  “It’s better to call for too much help and not need it, then it is to not call enough and do.”  So, with that in mind, a residential structure fire within our fire district would immediately send 5 fire engines, 1 ladder truck, and 2 medic units.  Additionally, if the residence is located outside the Village of Hebron, 2 tanker trucks will also be included in the initial dispatch.  In short, you will never just receive Refugee-Canyon if your house is on fire.